Not just any sunrise!

Every year, we leave the Ipswich waterfront under cover of near darkness and quietly move along the river to reach the Pin Mill/Levington area to gain the perfect view of the sunrise on Suffolk Day, 21 June.

We are often the only people on the river, although we are sometimes joined by paddleboarders and a yacht. To say the experience is magical is an understatement so let me use the words of one of our Google reviews –from Dianne Green – ‘such an enlightening and heartwarming trip.. breakfast was lovely as well as the hot drinks! Worth getting up early for.’

So how early do we leave? Well, the sun usually rises around 4.40 am so we leave the quay at 3.45 am and we are back by 6.15 am. Just in time for a hot shower and a chance to get on with the rest of your day – perhaps feeling a little smug!

Tickets are available for 2024 trip here [link to listing under Special Events]

Image: Not just any sunrise!